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About The Artist

Abria Donato

Since childhood, I have always loved creating things. I would make with whatever I could get my hands on. While I liked drawing and painting, creating objects was where I truly found my passion. To earn my BFA, I attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where I tried metalsmithing for the first time. I fell in love with the process immediately. Learning how to make metal bend to my will fascinated me (though sometimes it was me that bent!).


I have been creating in metal since 2012. I am inspired by history, nature, and the different ways they tell their stories.  Through Smythos, I strive to tell those stories by looking back at our past with both criticism and humor. I use images from vintage magazines supported by copper, silver, or brass to do so.  The past is in many ways, both very different, and not so different from our own time. You may be surprised by what you find.